Zodiac Love Compatibility 2021

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Whether you have just met or have lived in a relationship for years, our astrologer deciphers the duos that a Sagittarius forms with the other astrological signs.

Love is one of those things that cannot be controlled. Love at first sight, holiday romance or a passionate and thrilling story … If some combinations match perfectly, others do not really mix. Have you just met and want to know if you’ve found a soul mate? Discover it thanks to the decryption of our astrologer. Know that in love, Madame Sagittarius lets herself be carried away by passion, before emphasizing the intellectual bond that she shares with her partner.


Sagittarius woman, your love is kicking off with a bang. He has fallen for the strength of your commitment, you admire his daring and determination. Together, you are able to move mountains, provided you communicate well. The plus: what sexual energy! ⋙


Although he has trouble keeping up with your pace, your strength of conviction impresses him. You are less a fan of his ideas, a little conservative, but you recognize a good dose of tenacity and courage. What brings you together the most is this same passion for life.


You spend hours talking about anything and everything, at the risk of forgetting the seduction step. You live your love freed from the vagaries of passion, rather carried by your desires to travel and that suits you very well. The plus: this curiosity that binds you. ⋙


You strike against the susceptibility and gentleness of Cancer. And yet, you attract each other like magnets! You dream of cuddling this big child and he lets himself be willingly. As long as you don’t take the opportunity to dominate him. The plus: on the emotional side, you are on the same wavelength.


Between you, it is a duel of fencing masters. For love to set in, none must win. Just touch the other one without bending it. You hate defeat, but need to respect your partner, to see them as a hero. The plus: passion assured.


She thinks herself, wrongly, too reserved to seduce you. In fact, you admire his perfectionism and his sense of proportion. You are a complementary couple, one posted on the front of the stage, the other behind the scenes managing the success of your joint projects. The plus: great efficiency in professional procedures. ⋙


Idealists, you unite to defend the widow and the orphan. To enjoy the pleasures of life, too. Both in search of the same sentimental balance, you naturally agree to make the necessary concessions. The plus: you leave yourself a beautiful space of freedom. ⋙


Like you, there are a lot of metaphysical questions. Like you, he believes in a “higher dimension”. Together, you remake the world with passion, sometimes by confronting each other, especially when your idealism collides with its pessimism. The plus: in love, you are both addicted to thrills. ⋙


Socially, you are made for each other. In private, you find it very difficult to separate privacy from public life. Suddenly, your relationship is built and flourishes more in the intellectual than emotional register. Since the two of you like to have the last laugh, your relationship can become the ground for power struggles, but you know how to avoid arguments. The plus: your mutual understanding.


You are an optimist, he is a pessimist. You, sensually enterprising; him, much more reserved. And yet between you, it can stick! Your common ambition brings you closer together, and you are made to develop professional projects together. The plus: In difficult times, you can really count on each other.


Certainly ; you are not a fusional or passionate couple. Little focused on sensual and sexual pleasures, you will find, together, your happiness in society, in discussion and in the discovery of the world around you. It doesn’t frustrate you, it’s the way you operate. The plus: you allow yourself the freedom necessary for the development of your relationship. ⋙


Pisces is not really constant and that annoys you. However, there is no point looking for him on this point, he will refuse to challenge you because he hates conflicts. If you accept it as it is, a sort of status quo sets in, giving you a lot of leeway to love yourself limitlessly, with a dash of madness. The plus: your ability to adapt to others. ⋙

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