When is Mercury Retrograde in 2020

Mercury enters the retrograde movement three times a year, for periods of about three weeks each.

Of course, this movement in the opposite direction is an optical illusion, Mercury’s motion in the Solar System is still in the same direction.

Mercury governs thinking and perception, processing information and any means of communication, commerce, education and transportation. By extension, he governs the people who work in these fields, especially those who use their mind and cleverness in the “workplace”: writers, orators, commentators, critics, teachers, travelers, thieves.

How Mercury Retrograde affects us in 2020

When Mercury is retrograde, various failures and misunderstandings arise, such as interrupted or delayed communications, failed negotiations, telephone, computer, car, bus, train, etc. And all these problems usually arise because certain information is misplaced or overlooked.

Mercury retrograde in 2020, like any other astrological aspect, particularly affects people, depending on the position they occupy in transit over the natal chart. Some people actually care about this period, if Mercury is relegated and well looked after in the native map.

202017 February2:5410 March5:49
202018 June7:5812 July11:25
202014 October4:053 November19:50

What not to do

It is good not to make important decisions when Mercury is retrograde, because it is very likely that these decisions are enveloped in misinformation, and taken without sound prior thinking. Mercury speaks of mental clarity and the power of the mind, so in periods of relegation these intellectual characteristics tend to be diminished from normal. Do not participate in competitions, do not buy expensive objects that belong to the mercury sphere (books, cars, phones, computers, etc.), do not sign important contracts and do not get married.

What to do

You need to pay more attention to the details during this period, to try to focus more on a problem. You need to check if things are going as they should, leaving more time for unexpected events that might delay a project you are working on. Don’t forget to make copies of important documents, save files on your computer more often, because it may fail when your world is dearer.

It is very important that you are prevented from the effects that may occur due to Mercury retrograde, but do not forget that other people may not know about this event. That’s why you have to be more understanding with them, and think “it’s not their fault” that they say or do this thing.

This is a time when unfinished things can still be completed. Decisions and projects started when Mercury went live can now be implemented or completed without a big headache, because experience shows that this can be done without any problems.

In general it is therefore good to restore, rethink, restart things started during Mercury’s direct walking period. You can, for example, recite a book you liked, meet and talk with old friends you haven’t talked to in a long time, visit places you’ve been to and liked.

It may not be bad to slow down the projects you are working on, you may even go on vacation to start working again during the direct walking period. That way you will be exempted from doing the same job twice, if you haven’t succeeded in the first.

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