Saturn in Capricorn – September 29 – December 17, 2020

Saturn in astrology is associated with everything that means maturity, structure, restrictions, discipline, morality, time, karma, government, banks, corporations, prestige, status, authority. He also governs everything we have accomplished throughout our lives, which will remain a legacy for future generations. Through his energy, you reap what you sowed, hence the name “Lord of Karma” given by Astrologer Alan Oken. Karma: is a Sanskrit term (to do) manifesting the chaining of causes and effects.

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The “law” has its cause and effect in the cosmic plane, but also in the earthly plane. The Buddha said, “People are the heirs of their deeds. What we are going to do, what we are planning, what concerns us, serves as a support to our conscience, founding it. “From here springs all the pain of pain.” Karma, after all, depends on man’s consciousness and actions.

With Saturn in Capricorn (home) we have been urged since December 20, 2017 to build a new road, (whether we are talking about ourselves, relationships, career, home, etc.) but slowly and surely, step by step, with a well-established plan and showing a lot of patience and maturity. It was not an easy road, but so necessary. Lasting things involve effort and time.

A karmic cycle is coming to an end

Saturn wants us to be mature and disciplined, bringing into our lives those experiences through which we can evolve, releasing the past. During the period when Saturn was in retrograde motion (10.05.-28.09.2020), time seemed to “stand still”, with its intended challenges. It was the ideal time to re-evaluate, review and rethink our own structure and long-term goals. It was the ideal time to reconnect to our inner strength, to meet the challenges with calm and maturity. With the entry into direct motion, “time will come to life again”, now having the opportunity to understand that our road can no longer function after models lacking maturity and commitment.

We can finally see how personal goals begin to move, but that doesn’t mean we have to “sleep on one ear,” but continue to show responsibility and principledness for the changes we’ve worked hard over the past two years. . The concrete results will be seen in TIME.

To see your own evolution / transformation, I suggest you do a memory exercise. As I said above, Saturn began its journey in Capricorn on 20.12.2017, and to better understand this interval I recommend you meditate on the following questions:

  • “How was your life then and what projects were you working on?
  • What restrictions or limitations have arisen? ”, And how they are reflected in your life today.

From 17.12.2020 Saturn changes the sign, stepping into that of Aquarius, the second home, when the energy also changes. Aquarius is an air sign, connected to everything that means progress, uniqueness, evolution and humanity. In order to evolve, it is important to make peace with the past until then. We are supported to complete / materialize certain old projects or personal goals started in December 2017.
Life is a permanent journey to ourselves. It’s up to us how we go about it. It’s time to evolve as Saturn demands in Aquarius, this time buying a class 1 ticket.

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