what is numerology? how to calculate numerology

Nowadays, numerology is a very popular topic. Like astrology, it tells us a lot about us depending on the date of birth, which explains why these two areas of study are often interconnected.

However, instead of planets, they look up the numbers from the date of birth, especially their sum.

Numerology Explained

Each number has its own vibration that gives our personality a certain attitude and characteristics or define the events of the next day, month or year. But the basis of numerology, which we will discuss today, is the figure of destiny.

How do you calculate your destiny figure? We will explain how to calculate the destiny figure using an example. Let’s say you were born on November 21st. We start by gathering the figures from the date of birth, ie:

2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 27

Then, we collect the individual numbers, until we get a number of one digit, in our case the destination figure is nine (2 + 7 = 9). The exception is the number eleven, the only two-digit number that has its own vibration. Now, let’s look at the features.

1 – The people governed by this figure of destiny tend to be independent, energetic and also very curious.

They usually achieve their goals without the help of others, so they are often born leaders, not only in their careers but also in their personal lives, where they need constant admiration.

2 – People born with the destiny figure “two” have a strong intuition and understanding of others.

They are modest and sensitive, but in difficult times they can become ugly and indecisive. These people seek help in life because they fear loneliness.

3 – Those governed by figure three are very creative and intelligent. I perceive all events through imagination, so that they have a rather critical attitude towards their loved ones. But contact with other people is absolutely necessary for them, but only if they are not part of a stereotype.

4 – Those with the number “four” are usually very hardworking, strong and strong. These individuals have no problems with tasks that require logical thinking. On the other hand, they may lack confidence, so they need constant encouragement and assurance about their strengths.

5 – The people governed by the number “five” hate any kind of restrictions and rules. They have an adventurous nature, and at any time are attracted by travel and freedom. Relationships with such people are not easy because they are very impulsive, nervous and impatient.

6 – The character of individuals with the figure of destiny “six” is, in general, a sensitive and romantic one. They are happy when they enjoy the love of their partner and family. If they do not get the disease, they become depressed and may even become ill.

7 – The people governed by the number “seven” have a lifelong role of healer. It is in their nature to help others, this being reinforced by their incredible compassion and understanding. I am always looking for new and innovative ways to solve problems.

8 – The people whose destiny figure is eight, were endowed with excellent organizational and management skills. There are materialistic people who need balance in their lives, both externally and mentally. They often become the victims of addictions.

9 – The people governed by the “new” number are very friendly and wise, often to the extent that they take responsibility for the problems and situations of others, which could diminish their potential. They are not attracted to material things and pay more attention to love.

11 – This number is considered to be supreme in numerology. People born under this number can choose either the quiet and easy way of number two or the hard way of number 11. Usually, they are geniuses, which is why they often feel alone. They also suffer from frequent changes of mood and are attracted to the supernatural, which makes them seem mysterious.

2020 Horoscope for women

The stars tell their 2020 predictions for the 12 horoscope signs, but only for women. Find out which is the strongest sign of the coming year! Natives are influenced by the passage of years. They appear to be very sensitive and vulnerable. They all go from one extreme to the other and are amazed at how much things can change now. Patience must endure over their soul, because only with patience can things arise for others.

The woman in the couple brings good mood and well-being over life, for all plans. “Patience and time bring you more than power and passion. Who can endure going forward.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. If you have enough patience, you can move the mountains out of place, but if you have enough intelligence you fly over them. There is a limit beyond which patience ceases to be a virtue. ”


You need guarantee and safety on all levels. You also have a talent that you have for many years set aside, and now you feel it is time to cultivate it. You will start a few courses that will help you evolve in this plan and grow beautifully on the artistic level. Finally, you have realized what the true purpose of your life is. Gone are the thoughts about family and marriage.


You will have some fears from the beginning of the year. This will give you a lot to think about. On a professional level, there are several projects and some more top collaborations. Maybe you feel insecure precisely because you have worked so hard and dreamed long ago about what you have now and you would not have thought of doing it now. You will find a way to enjoy everything that happens to you.


For women born under the sign of twins stars show only evolution. You will begin to reap the fruits of your work on the professional, emotional and especially in the close relationship with you. You will have some signs that something bad is going to happen, and you will ignore this, which will bring you a time when you will be decaying a lot, but you will come back.


The stars see that you will be the star of the year. You will be lucky to meet some people who are very influential and who will become your friends. They will help you unconditionally. Also, it shows a business of yours that will expand. For the professional plan you will have a lot to solve, it is a full period from this point of view.

From the end of 2019, you will take into account the things that pull you down, the vices you may be too attached to, the people who are not with you and do not love you as you seem or like to believe in yourself. The year 2020 is strictly about vision, clarity and reality. Be happy that the truths are showing now, at the beginning of the year.


Those who are close to you and those who love you wholeheartedly suffer from suffering and pain. It is advisable to have them almost whatever they are, it is time to set them aside and make them available. This year you want to materialize whatever you have. Also, there are some exams and competitions you will participate in.


You have plans to fulfill. You will find new ways of exposing your feelings and showing yourself exactly how you are, because you are finally satisfied with what you have and how you have changed. The stars say that you will choose to be alone again, after a time when you have had a pretty unhappy relationship. Finally, you will take the big step to say goodbye.


This year for the Scorpio woman is an extremely good one, beyond what you would have ever thought of. Also, the stars predict that you will finally conclude a closer relationship with someone, and this will turn into a beautiful relationship. Long-awaited for this, this year is the best time.


The stars say for the women of the native arrow that they must be reborn. You have to give up things that you have been pursuing for more than 12 years, now is the time to make major changes and be brave in the freedom you have had all along, but you did not know how to say. Ideally you should have no collaborations.


This year the stars show that you have to pay attention to your instinct and start listening to them finally, because it does not deceive you. You have the chance this year to capitalize on a forgotten talent. Someone will make sure that you are right and that if you work hard you will be able to get to where you wanted to be a long time ago. This year is about you!


This year is about a better visualization and a more real projection of what you will have. You will feel blessed, the universe is with you! All luck is on your side. It’s the right time to take action!


You are more optimistic than ever, stronger and more confident in your own strengths. This must have been a long time coming. If you are not the ones who believe in your own desires and powers, who can do it? You must learn to know yourself and you must learn to enjoy yourself, as you have.


ASTROLOGY – Predicting the future based on the study of the position and movement of the stars, constellations or celestial phenomena.

In order to understand something in this field, we must know the significance of the planets in astrology.
Before I present to you each planet, there would be two aspects I would like to explain, namely some ideas about the zodiacs that dominate the planets and their symbols.

As for the sign dominated by a certain planet, you will notice that, in some cases, they appear in parentheses and other signs. Before the discovery of the planets Uranus (1781), Neptune (1846) and Pluto (1930), there was another system of dominant planets than the one we know now. Each planet had a female and a male “domicile”, as follows:

  • Mercury: Gemini and Virgo
  • Venus: Taurus and Libra
  • Mars: Aries and Scorpio
  • Jupiter: Sagittarius and Fish
  • Saturn: Capricorn and Aquarius

Only the Sun and the Moon dominated each one sign: The Sun dominated the Lion, while the Moon was the dominant planet of Cancer.
In some cases, the dominated signs remained the same, but there were changes. The signs I will pass below in parentheses are those dominated by the planet before the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

We come to the second aspect I wanted to present to you: the significance of the symbols of the planets. These are composed of one or more elements:

The circle: the symbol of perfection, represents the spirit
The semicircle: symbolizes the soul
The vertical line: the reason
Horizontal line: body
The cross: the reunited reason and body = matter


Dominant planet of the sign: Leo
Symbol: The circle (the spirit and what surrounds us), with a point in the middle: the individual and his consciousness.
In astrology, the Sun represents the personality. The sign that the Sun is at birth is our sign. Depending on the sign in which the Sun is, we will have certain characteristics (in addition to those of the ascendant). The astrological house in which the Sun is located (in the natal astrogram) shows the area in which we will excel or that we are very interested in (the living goals), the field in which we will give the best of us.


Dominant planet of the sign: Cancer
Symbol: Two semicircles (the soul) turned to one side, towards the past. Hence the tendency of Cancer to cling to memories, the past.
The moon represents feelings, affective reactions, instinct. The sign of the Moon shows how we react to what is around us. It can also give information about the relationship we had with our mother or our children (I will publish a separate article on this topic). The house where the Moon is in the natal chart indicates the area that is most important for us to feel good on the emotional side, but also the area in which we can rely on our instinct, without fail.


Dominant planet of the signs: Gemini and Virgo
Symbol: The symbol of Mercury is a combination of all the elements presented above: the soul, which is above spirit and matter.
Mercury symbolizes communication and reason. By extension, Mercury is also another means of establishing links: transport, commerce, mail, internet. The zodiac sign of Mercury indicates how we communicate and process information, how we think. The house in which it is positioned shows us the areas that concern us, those that make us think a lot about them.


Dominant planet of the signs: Taurus and Libra
Symbol: The cross of matter, under the spirit represented by the circle. The symbol of the feminine.
Venus is all about love, beauty and art, but money. Depending on the zodiac sign, it indicates the way we react in relationships, but also our connection with art and aesthetics. Positioning in a certain sign can also give clues about marriage (and on this topic I will publish a separate article). Venus’s position in the houses of the natal astrogram indicates the areas that will bring happiness to that person.


Dominant planet of the sign: Aries (Scorpio)
Symbol: Initially, the symbol of Mars was similar to that of the planet Venus, but placed in reverse, the cross of matter being above the circle representing the spirit. Meanwhile, the arrow representing the war god in Roman mythology was taken over. The symbol of the masculine.
Mars signifies action, dynamism, ambition, desire, but also aggression. Mars’ position in the natal chart shows us how we act, in which we take the initiative, the areas in which we have the courage to try something new. The place he occupies in his native houses is the area where we act impulsively and listen to our instinct, sometimes without thinking about risks.


Dominant planet of the sign: Sagittarius (Pisces)
Symbol: The soul (semicircle), seated above the cross of matter – sign that the soul is not dominated by matter, that there are no constraints.
Just as his symbol also shows, Jupiter indicates the overcoming of constraints, limits. Jupiter means expansion, optimism, development, abundance. The sign in the natal chart shows us how we will try to overcome our condition, how we try to develop. The positioning in astrological houses indicates the area in which we can benefit most easily in life, the field in which we will obtain the best results easily.


Dominant planet of the sign: Capricorn (Aquarius)
Symbol: As in the case of Jupiter’s symbol, the relation between soul and matter appears, but inverted: matter is the one that dominates (the cross is above).
Saturn is the limitation, the constraints, the rigid structures, the pessimism. But it is also the planet that, from time to time, reminds us of certain opportunities that we have missed in life and forces us to return to them. The sign in the natal chart shows us on which planes there are certain fears and restraints, but also how we try to overcome our weaknesses. The house occupied by Saturn indicates in which areas of life we ​​have to do a little order, in which areas problems or obstacles may appear.


Dominant planet of the sign: Aquarius
Symbol: An older symbol of Uranus (but still used by some astrologers) consists of the symbol of the Sun, above which stands an arrow – the power of the Sun and that of Mars, united. Later, the symbol was changed, with the letter H in the center, reminiscent of William Herschel, the one who discovered Uranus. The current meaning: two semicircles or vertical lines, joined by the cross of matter, all above the spirit (circle). It shows the opening to the new.
Uranus represents change, revolution, rebellion. The sign in the natal chart indicates how we will try to impose ourselves as individuals, how we will rebel against a certain rigid structure. The house where Uranus is located shows us in what area we can expect surprises and unforeseen events.


Dominant planet of the sign: Fish
Symbol: The symbol of the planet looks like the trident of the god Neptune. As an interpretation given by astrologers, it would be the soul (semicircle), trapped in matter (the cross of matter pierces the soul).
Neptune represents fantasy and dreaming, intuition, but also illusions, disappointments. Depending on the sign in the natal astrogram, Neptune shows us how our generation (because Neptune moves hard and represents an entire generation) perceives reality, shows the connection between society and the real / unreal. The house where it is placed in the natal chart gives indications about the areas in which we can rely on our intuition, but also on those where disappointments can occur.


Dominant planet of the sign: Scorpio
Symbol: Pluto’s symbol also brings together all three elements: the spirit (the circle), contained in the soul (semicircle), below is the matter. Spirit and soul dominate matter, pass beyond it, Pluto representing rebirth. Another, simpler, symbol of Pluto consists of the letters P and L, the first two of the planet’s name and the initials of the one who discovered it: Percival Lowell.

As I wrote a little above, Pluto signifies rebirth, regeneration, transformation. At the same time, it may indicate certain obsessions and power / power struggles. The sign in the natal astrogram indicates how we approach the transformations that take place in us and in our lives. It also gives us information about our generation’s obsessions: like Neptune, Pluto is a heavy planet.

There may be intervals of several years (not all as long) in which Pluto has been in the same zodiac and therefore the entire generation is affected. It differs, however, from the positioning in the native houses, which shows the areas of life where transformations are most likely to occur, the things that will make us transform, to be reborn.

Starting from the basic significance of each planet, it must be interpreted according to the astrological sign and house where they are, but the aspects that they form with the other planets will be taken into account. You can see, therefore, that the interpretation of an astrogram cannot be done “in two steps and three movements”, but that a time-consuming analysis is required. I recommend that you retrieve the information you already find or that I will post on this blog (meaning of planets in signs and houses, interpretation of aspects), but always make connections. Only then will you gain a complex and complete image of one’s personality.

These three sun signs are known to have two faces.

These three star signs are known to have two faces.

Have you ever been so in love and then discovered afterwards that this person has two faces? At the beginning of a relationship you see everything mostly through a pink glasses. But after a few months, the true face of the partner comes to light. Sometimes you are then brought back to the bottom of the facts. This could be due to the man or his star sign.

Because there are three men, according to their zodiac, reveal their true face only after a few months. Find out here, which ones are!

Taurus (21st April – 20th May)

The partnership with a bull is initially very harmonious and fulfilling. Bulls are especially faithful and reliable. This is a true plus, because in the partnership both parties are very satisfied. But after some time, the bull-man begins to show a completely different side of himself.

He becomes lazy and suddenly seems tired of investing in the relationship. He spends no more time with you and tends to be very jealous and suspicious. As soon as you talk to another man, your bull-man gets scared he might lose you. He also tends to become possessive and from time to time may become excessively control-minded

The bull works very hard to ensure stability in his life, from finding a well-paid job to choosing a partner who keeps him on the ground. Bulls remain true to the people who love them.

They love the finer things in life and work extremely hard to make sure they can take care of themselves and their mate. They are adorable and down to earth. But just like a typical bull, the bull can be persistent, rigid and uncompromising.

You can do that: Make it clear to your bull-man that he is the only one in your life and you have no interest in other men.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

A twin man offers a lot of variety and excitement in a relationship. Through his curiosity and his adaptability to new situations, the twin is perfect for adventure. And you can feel that in a partnership with him.

This makes him the perfect partner that many women want at their side. However, after a few months he drops his mask. Then he becomes restless and frustrated. He leaves his whims to others and is generally very exhausting.

Gemini demonstrate exactly what it means to carry two sides of your own personality. They literally seem to have two polarizing personalities. Twins are known to be friendly, open-minded, sociable and social, and never to be upset.

However, this is only for the first appearance. They seem to float without being complained about anything. Twins have tons of friends and are usually ready for any kind of adventure.

However, when you get to know them better, you quickly realize that they are slightly restless, sometimes superficial, and make impulsive decisions. The dark side of this sign comes to light when the twin is under stress, depressed or afraid of something. Twins often feel restless in their personality due to this “split”.

You can do that: If this behavior bothers you, you should tell your twin man directly. Otherwise you will quickly become unhappy with him. F

Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July)

Cancer men are caring and want a family. They are especially warmhearted and take care of the people they love. That is why it is not unusual for women to fall in love with cancer men.

Crabs radiate a lot of peace and serenity and stay down to earth. After a few months, however, the cancer man shows his true face. Especially in stressful moments, he is hardly recognizable because he suddenly becomes hypersensitive and extremely possessive.

Actually, cancer men have many positive traits, though they tend to have low self-esteem and forget what makes them amazing people. They are infinitely sensitive and loyal. They are also excellent listeners and make you cry on their shoulders, even if they do not understand why.

Although they find it difficult to open themselves to people, they will sit and listen to you throughout the day. They are very creative, genuinely nice, sensitive and beautiful people who are often misunderstood and treated like a doormat because of their purity and gift.

But there are many demons in them, most of whom do not know about them. Due to their hypersensitivity to the environment they are very prone to anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. They just feel that nobody understands them, which leads to isolation and self-pity.
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Many people see this sign as lost in thought, and this may be true to some extent. Cancer men, however, are not obsessed with themselves, but simply very insecure. They have very turbulent emotions that often burden them.

You can do this: work with your Cancer Man on your relationship to avoid disharmony.

No man can resist this 4 star sign.

There are women who have a knack for being able to wrap men around with their kind around the finger. The zodiac plays a crucial role. And no man has anything to oppose to the following 4 star signs.

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

The Widderfrau is usually very strong-willed and extremely self-confident. In addition, she is very passionate and sexually attractive. If she starts something, she does it to the end. And everything she does, she makes with conviction.

When she does something, she puts all her energy and attention into it, and that dedication and ambition makes the other sex extreme. Their sometimes dominant nature makes them irresistible to men.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

The Aquarius woman is by nature independent and emotionally strong and that attracts the men. Mature men admire her, as she always pulls her thing regardless of what storms rage around her. She does not let anything deviate from her path and this iron will makes an impression.

If the Aquarius woman is convinced of something, then she will, no matter what. And this species attracts men because they know that if an Aquarius woman decides to go with them, they will do it to the end.

Libra (24th September – 23rd October)

The woman in Libra’s Libra is prized for her warm and loving nature and loved by most in her environment. She has a special sense for emotions and the concerns of the people who are important to her. Men therefore feel understood by her and secretly seek to heal pain from her past.

Men open up very quickly in their presence, and men who have a reputation for being emotionless suddenly become romantics. Because it just makes them feel like they have arrived.

Sagittarius (23rd November – 21st December)

To conquer the heart of a Sagittarius woman requires a lot of effort and a great deal of patience, which is why she is so appealing to the opposite sex. It’s a challenge and men love it when something is not so easy.

The time with a Sagittarius woman is always exciting, adventurous and intense, but unfortunately only for a short time. Because while the men fall in love with the kind of Sagittarius woman, she is with the head again somewhere else.

What the year 2020 holds for you. Based on your birth month.


You are emotional and have a strong creative streak. No other star sign can find solutions as you do. 2020 will be the year in which all your hard work and perseverance will pay off. What you sowed in 2019 you will be able to harvest in 2020.

By 2020, it’s time for you to chase your wildest dreams and put ideas that have been in your mind for a long time into action.

You will also play a bigger role in your family, so go ahead with the responsibility you are given and try to be a good role model for the younger ones in your family.

2020 will be the year of both worlds for you: family and work. Good luck awaits you in both.


Thanks to your immense energy reserves, your vitality and power, you are a leader by nature. 2020 will be the year of abundance and prosperity for you. You have worked for a long time and 2020 will be the year to enjoy the fruits of success. It will be the year of joy and at the same time you will take a more relaxed life.

You love your freedom and you are a spontaneous person and the good news is that by 2020 you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy your freedom and live your spontaneity, there are many adventures waiting to broaden your horizons.


Your strongest qualities are your stamina, your loyalty, patience, your constant behavior and your harmonic disposition and you know how to make things that are heavy easy.

2020 will be the year of love and affection for you. You will meet people you have longed for a lifetime. You will meet a person who has the potential to settle down with him forever.

2020 will also be the year in which your motivation in terms of professional life will be at its peak. Take risks and do not retreat to the comfort zone. Go to where it hurts and you will achieve professional success. Be yourself and you will open new paths.


Your strongest virtues include your strong communication skills, your quick understanding of complicated relationships, your flexibility and the ability to learn quickly.

2020 will be the year of change for you, it may not be a big change at first, but much will be decided in detail and so will you. Pay attention to the little things that will matter a lot.

Start in 2020 with a note to yourself that reminds you of your potential and consciously uses your abilities and unlocks the potential. Go the extra kilometer and take risks to get what you long for.

Seize every opportunity, be it ever so tiny, and do whatever it takes to continue on the path to your happiness.


Your strengths are your emotional sensitivity, your perseverance, and the urge to look after others, and your good qualities include your deep need for a harmonious home and healthy family life.

2020 is the year of peace for yourself. Next year, you will feel life flow through your body and you will feel a kind of deep joy because you have reached a point where you can not sleep want to get brought.

Even if obstacles and difficulties are waiting for you on your way, you will tirelessly, motivated and determined to stick to your project.

Your persistence and unwavering optimism are your greatest asset and these two qualities will help you through the toughest times. The changes that await you in 2020 will change your life.


Your virtues are your leadership, your self-esteem, your confidence, your big heart and your creativity.

2020 will be an incredible year for you and your family. You are a sincere and honest person and that is exactly what will get you where you want to be. Namely in a place that brings you fulfillment.

Being patient, thoughtful and good at making decisions are the strengths of you that you will use optimally in 2020 to make dreams come true.

You will leave behind your most anxious and self-doubting personality and you will discover a whole new world of endless possibilities. 2020 is the year you will be brave and even if success does not happen right away, your efforts will sooner or later pay off.


Your strengths are your flexible mind, your analytical skills, your understanding of the details and your urge to be productive.

2020 will be your year of reflection and journey to yourself. You will ask yourself some honest questions and you will find the answers deep inside you. It’s like, “Am I happy with the life I’m leading right now? Am I where I want to be and am I with whom I want to be? “

Overall, the year 2020 looks very positive for you.


Your strength is your balance in life and your logical thinking, your strengths include your deep understanding of love, romance and social harmony.

2020 will be the year of a deep relationship for you. It could happen that you encounter someone unexpectedly and create a deep bond that changes your life forever.

It could also happen that at the beginning of the new year you will face an existential crisis that will help you to understand the deeper meaning of life.

Avoid clinging to old memories as much as possible, because they slow you down and do not really make you breathe easy. Try to stay positive and follow your heart.


People who were born in September are among the most intense of the zodiac signs. You’re someone who does not carry his heart on your tongue because you’re burying your emotions deep inside of you, so no one will know what your inner life looks like. You are someone who has a hard time forgiving someone.

But in the year 2020, a wonderful person will be waiting for you who will bring love into your life and you will have an exciting relationship.

Your focus in 2020 will be based on long-term goals, be it at work or in a relationship. You are someone who does not start anything out of a spontaneous train of thought, everything is well thought out with you. In the coming year, you will also explore new spiritual paths to mentally move you to a new level.


For people who were born in October, the strong ones are their relentless drive and their will, which can not possibly be broken. Their ability to innovate and their curiosity, which helps them to learn almost everything they want to know. They love the challenge and are pronounced alpha animals.

2020 will be the year that will give you so much joy that you will literally drown in all the good news that comes pouring in on you. Get ready for a truly blessed year.

Financial may not look so good next year, but your aggressive ambition and will overcame every hurdle.

Eliminate obsolete concepts, habits and relationships, they just keep you up and have nothing new to offer you.


People born in November are thoroughly diligent, efficient and disciplined.

You will be in a relaxed and thoughtful mode in 2020. You’re going to take your time to laugh and enjoy life on its quiet side and look at the work for what it really is, something trivial.

Your efforts and plans of the last few years are slowly starting to bear fruit and this gives you extra room for rest in your everyday life. The love is not too short. You will meet new people and the opportunity to meet somebody with whom you can make a deep connection is very likely in the year 2020.


As a human being born in December, you have a perfect balance between your ying and yang. The balance between two opposing forces is perfectly balanced for you. You are an original thinker. A little crazy, but the world needs more people like you.

2020 will be a great year for you. Achievements are waiting and there will be a lot to celebrate in the areas of life profession, love and family affairs.

You’ve been thinking a lot about your future lately and trying to set some goals for yourself. In the past year, you have been too busy to prioritize yourself, but this focus on the essential will help you move forward in 2020.

By 2020, you will be following your heart much more than usual and not let anyone or anything stop you. Thanks to your talent and your discipline and stamina, you’ll do most of what you set out to do in 2020.

The yearly horoscope 2020 for men

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

The charm of the Aries men arrives very well this year. However, the ram is also a bit more comfortable and this can cause difficulties in the partnership.

But for those who declare war on this vein, there is a reward of a special kind. In working life, it ripples a little more – but that does not bother the Aries, because he is not very ambitious – at least not this year.

He is now more concerned with the partnership, or the desired partnership. Because many rams, who are singles, want to be in the port of marriage.

Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

Cheeky and cheerful, as the bull-man is, he will be well received by many colleagues this year. Many new acquaintances he makes are at first quite carried away by his boyish nature.

But the ladies quickly realize that he can not keep his eyes off the female gender, and then rather look for another lover, who is only there for them.

Since he rejects conservative behavior outright, this sometimes brings tensions in everyday working life.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Overall, it will be a good year for the twin, albeit with ups and downs. He is often restless, which is because he currently does not really know what he wants.

This can have its causes in the job but also in private life. The twin should recognize his potential and be more confident. Since he is helpful, he has many friends who like and appreciate his understanding manner.

Whoever is nice to him, can have everything from the twin – but all this does not bring him the true love he is currently hoping for so intensely. Nothing helps – prefer to fall into the profession, because in love nothing can be forced.

Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July)

The cancer is currently not getting up to speed as he wishes. As spoiled as he is, he has his difficulties with it. But when spring comes, the luck of the cancer man wakes up again.

Then he will fight for recognition, professionally as well as privately. Whether he can win on both sides is an open question, but he should not extend the scissors too much, because that can cause lasting damage.

He’s having a hard time with that because he’s too busy with his ego. By always going his own way and not looking at others, he offends many people. This is in its way, but this year is particularly pronounced.

Leo (July 23 – August 23)

The Lion Man has a good year 2020 ahead of him. Happiness opens up completely new perspectives for him. If the work gets too much for him, he should listen to his body and do something good for himself.

In summer, many lion-born will start a whole new life – whether voluntary, will show. But it is for the best. Since the Leo men are often late-comers in love, they should now walk around the world with their eyes open so they do not miss their luck. Romantic summer days are almost certain.

Virgo (24th August – 23th September)

Virgo men like to be the center of attention and score points in the weaker sex. He can fully live out this year too. However, the calm and serenity that he shows in many things is a great advantage, and many problems can be solved quickly and easily.

Also, the Virgin has this year many opportunities to show his unwavering sense of justice. And that’s how some more women make him more than they already do.

Libra (24th September – 23rd October)

In love it looks pure for the Libra. This can be with a new partner, but also with the one with whom one goes through life for years.

It is solid in the finances, although no big jumps are possible. Since he is tactically smart, highly motivated and intelligent in his workplace, he should certainly be successful. If not – do nothing, there are more important things!

Health, for example, and it could be a bit of a hiccup in the summer. It means clenching your teeth and taking a rest.

Scorpio (24th October – 22nd November)

For the Scorpio it looks like a good year, and he deserves it after the efforts of the last few years. In the summer it gets interesting in the job: a departure could be imminent. But not too risky! This can also backfire.

And besides, the scorpions must learn that not every person is up to good. But most people already know that, and have already had such experiences.

So do not be too angry. Healthily it looks good, with the body indicating the same when it gets too much. Then put on the brakes!

Sagittarius (23rd November – 21st December)

The charisma of the shooter will come into its own this year. Romance is therefore no stranger to him. Just as reliable as he is, he also looks for a partner to whom he can fully rely. And it almost looks like it could work this time.

But do not be too euphoric! Dear first test. The shooter is more of a loner, which some interpret as weakness. But he should not worry too much about that – who likes him will also appreciate him. Health wise, it looks good, everything is running smoothly.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

For Capricorn it looks like financial and professional improvements. He knows he has to be hardworking – and most of them will also get together to devote themselves to the job.

Although Capricorn does not consider that to be one of the greatest things, it just has to be. The beautiful things of life still get enough space, do not worry!

The holiday will be especially nice, also thanks to an unexpected encounter. If Capricorn has some health problems at the beginning of the year, he should learn lessons from it and do some fitness for the rest of the year.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

The start of the year was not easy for the Aquarians. Something inhibits them and they do not know what. Nevertheless, we can calm the Aquarius, from February 2020 it will be better.

Fate is happy this year with the men who were born in the sign of Aquarius: there are far-reaching encounters, which can cause private and professional changes.

Since the Aquarius is very helpful, it is often used; Here he has to learn to say no. With the fitness and the sport it should not be exaggerated – because that could have serious consequences.

Pisces (20 February – 20 March)

The Pisces man seems to have a lot of power this year. At least it looks like profitable phases. Many of them are consistently busy climbing the career ladder.

Those who continue to do so can reap laurels at the end of the year. Especially for the first time of the year, he likes to dedicate himself to work, while later, a lady can also come to the fore.

This remains so until the end of the year, because then waits for the fish man a hot time, the seamless merges into a cuddly advent.

These 3 star signs will meet their great love in 2020.

Did not you really want to work with love yet or have you just not found the right partner yet? Are you maybe in a relationship, but do not feel happy? Then maybe it could change in the upcoming year.

2020 holds a lot of luck and joy for one or the other. That’s why you might meet your soulmate next year. Are you even among the three following star signs? Then nothing will stand in the way of your love happiness.

Because these 3 zodiac signs will certainly meet their great love in 2020. This is the chance for your partner for life! So what are you waiting for? Go and grab him! You deserve it!

Sagittarius (23rd November – 21st December)

We all know that shooters are true romantics and believe in love. Do you also count yourself to the shooters and have you not yet found your right partner? Then your dream 2020 will finally come true. So you should be especially vigilant and look for your soul mate.

Because he will finally meet you. Your dream partner will soon be close to you. Do not miss out! It could be an old acquaintance or a new colleague. It could happen anywhere, especially where you would least suspect it. Just keep your eyes open.

You may have to say goodbye to your old habits. However, this does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. You have the chance to finally find a home in the form of a person. You could feel torn between two people at the beginning of the year. Because both could complete you.

However, from the end of March to the beginning of August, you will be challenged, excited and extremely attracted to someone. At that moment, you know that this is your true love! However, if doubts arise after a while, you should not lose your nerve, but you should get involved with your opponent and go to him. Open up for him and you will notice how well you two actually fit together.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

The year 2019 may have been a bit restless and intimidating for you. Maybe you are a bit confused and do not know where to go with you in 2020. You may need to change your place of residence or end your old relationship. Maybe you were hoping that your partner, the partner for life, would be. But unfortunately it did not work. Do you have a crisis now?

Then you can rest assured! By 2020, the calm and relaxation will return to your life. You can finally focus on the things that you enjoy. Because you will have more time – for yourself and for your goals in life.

This positive charisma will also be felt by others, so that you will radiate a great attraction to your environment. You get to know a lot of new people and everything suddenly feels so easy. Your dream partner will also be among these people.

Keep your mind open for new things. Of course, you always want to gain new experiences and immerse yourself in them. And your next year’s adventures will eventually meet you in the right place at the right time. Ultimately, you will be able to find the love of your life here.

In the spring and summer of 2020 you will have an unusual, powerful romantic appeal. Someone who feels incredibly attracted to you could become the love of your life. Here are extremely strong forces in the game. You just have to get involved, dear twin.

Libra (24th September – 23rd October)

The zodiac Libra, counts itself among the enterprising and harmonious people. Scales maintain their friendships and social contacts. In this way, they get to know new people very easily. They are very open-minded and just come into conversation with strangers.

2020 will be the year for Libra. Because she will finally find her soulmate, after which she has been looking for so long. The stars say that a passing acquaintance suddenly becomes more. And nobody can stop this!

Libra, you have to use your mind and find out what’s best for you. You were so used to being misunderstood by the people around you because you are much smarter than they are. This year, however, you will meet someone who will finally make you feel understood.

Until the end of September, stay in a quiet, energy-saving mood. Normally, this attitude would put the romance in the background. But in this spring and summer, everything indicates that your heart might be conquered by a person with a charming voice and a fascinating mind. Your bond will be so strong that it could lead to a marriage. Congratulation Libra! You have finally achieved what you always wanted!

This 5 star signs should rather stay single in 2020.

What did the stars plan for your love life in 2020? Should you use the first chance to get into a relationship or just stay single?

Well, if you belong to one of these 5 zodiac signs, then you’d better stay single, if you want to know why, then let the article finish.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

The first sign of the zodiac that should definitely stay away from love in 2020 is Capricorn.

There is a lot going on in your life right now and you literally do not know where you want to go or where life is taking you.

You feel that both your heart and mind are a big mess and it seems like no matter which direction or decision you make it is the wrong one.

What that means, you know, you know, it means you should not enter into a relationship because your life does not leave room and space for it right now.

Your long-forgotten ex could possibly report next year and propose a fresh start and your first impulse might be to give him another chance but after careful consideration you will decline because you’re just happy with your single live.

After all, you have been waiting for him for a long time and nothing came of it, which is why you have learned to live on your own in the meantime.

The year 2020 should be the year in which you should do the best to free your mind and heart and take care of yourself a little bit more. Do not put yourself under pressure, because then you make the best decisions.

Pisces (20 February – 20 March)

If born in the sign of the fish, then for your own good, you should refrain from a relationship.

You’ve been through a lot lately and carry a lot of emotional stuff around with you.

Even if you do not want to admit it, but this little package that you carry around with you is already a big burden for you and your soul.

This package will not disappear as if by magic, it takes all its time, so in 2020 you should focus on getting rid of this ballast.

Instead of jumping into the next best relationship, use the year 2020 to reflect on you and your life, because that’s what your tired soul needs.

Sure, a relationship can be both beautiful and reassuring, but it can also mean drama and a headache and so you should stay alone.

It is time for you to find out what you really need in life, only then you are ready for a relationship.

Ignore your fears and doubts and take your life into your own hands. Solutions to your problems will not just go down and a relationship will never be an escape from your reality.

Listen to your heart and your intuition and I promise you that you will make the right decision for your future.

Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July)

You are a very emotional soul and your heart is hurt more often than you really want to admit. For this reason, the year 2020 should be seen as a “break from love life” for you. The year 2020 should be a year of healing for you.

Ignore the people who keep telling you that it’s time to leave your heartbreak behind and get back into the dating world.

Do not forget that lovesickness and pain are no shame and nothing to be ashamed of.

Instead of looking at that as your weakness, you should consider that much more than a strength of yours. Because who stands by his feelings, he is a truly strong personality.

Jungfrau (24th August – 23th September)

Let’s be honest, you have tried to compromise with certain people more than enough times just to keep the peace between you.

Often enough, you come halfway to meet people and put your needs behind them. But in 2020 you will be much better off without these things.

The year 2020 will be the turning point in your life, where you will stop investing all your energy into other people or to improve the lives of others, but you will be focusing more on yourself in 2020.

You do not want to have to rebuild your own life, just so that certain people stay with you. Why you prefer to stay single in the year 2020?

Scorpio (24th October – 22nd November)

If you were born in the Scorpio zodiac, then you are one of those people who will maintain their peaceful single life in 2020.

There is a great opportunity to get to know someone better in 2020, but that does not mean that this person will suit you. Be careful and do not confuse pleasure with true love.

As much as you are attracted to this person, trust your gut feeling, because this will tell you that this acquaintance has no future.

Do not be afraid to tell this person clearly that you believe it would be better to go separate ways. And that you are not the type to jump headfirst into a relationship.

That’s why you should stay single in 2020. Your peace is just too important to you.