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The people marked by this figure are full of compassion, love and gentleness.

However, the inability to give up the past can prevent them from moving forward. In numerology, figure 9 symbolizes the end of a cycle, the success, the achievement of the goals and the ends of all types.

The astrological signs Fish, Scorpio and Aquarius belong to the typical personality of the individuals born under this figure.

They are represented in the tarot by the major arcana with the number 22 – “Universe” – which represents the end of the initiation journey, the manifestation of the whole world.

Both Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi had the Way of Life 9, and precisely through their lives we can understand the loving, compassionate and humane nature of this number.

Aspects of personality number 9

Number 9, as I mentioned earlier, is considered to be a humanitarian. It is not uncommon for individuals whose personality is marked by this figure to want to save / help the world or at least the people in the community they belong to. Most of those born with this prominent figure on their map are altruistic, generous and tolerant.

These individuals are here to learn to understand others and work for the good of all. Adjacent lessons are marked by the need to learn to give up the past and the old and to forgive both those who are wrong about themselves and themselves. One of the main features of this issue is the need to learn to give up what no longer uses the present, in order to look ahead, to the future.

The people marked by this figure have a strong creative spirit and a special personal charm. Moreover, many of them will spend most of their lives trying to achieve a utopian dream, a great ideal, sacrificing money, time and energy to create a better world. They discover satisfaction and success by giving the world what they have most beautiful.

Careers suitable for these individuals include: interior decorations, law, art, theology, healing and photographic art.

The careers they pursue generally involve a certain degree of creativity and / or the desire to restore social order.

Many of them have a strong faith (no matter what religion or belief they adhere to) and do not readily accept that their faith is being called into question. In addition, they need to both love and be loved, and this is a very important aspect of their lives.

It is important to remember that many of those born under this figure face difficulties when making decisions, because they do not want to hurt those who might be affected by the implications of those decisions.

Friends and life partners should understand this and be willing to give their point of view and, if necessary, to intervene directly.

Another important aspect is that they must learn that the reality of life is not always “pink” or as their utopian dreams and ideals can be said (they can be said to be “with their heads in the clouds”). Their friends and partners should support them and encourage them to achieve their dreams, while gently anchoring them in the reality of everyday life.

Due to these realities of life and the need for peace and quiet, many people marked by this figure are strongly attracted to animals and nature. A pet is an ordinary thing for an individual who has the Path of Life 9.

These loving lives serve them as confidants and trusted friends. Also, when they are in the midst of nature, they discover a very deep inner peace and tranquility that they cannot easily achieve in the midst of their daily lives.


Number 9 is one of the most loving and compassionate numbers in numerology. This love and compassion comes from their humanitarian desires and aspirations that characterize them throughout their lives. Because of these, they tend to cling to the past and pay less attention to the future. People born under the influence of this figure learn to love and be loved and to fulfill their great dreams.
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