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Number 7, the seeker of truth, is one of the wisest and most spiritual numbers. Despite this, isolation can delay or even prevent success. This number is associated with numerous symbols. Among the best known are the 7 chakras and the masonic symbol of the triangle placed over a square (3 + 4).

To find out if this number is among your main numbers, follow the instructions on the Introduction to Numerology page!

The chakras represent the balance and harmony of the physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual plane, while the triangle above the square represents the spiritual matter that descends into manifestation / physical form. This symbol has a long tradition in masonry and, in fact, can be found in many schools and esoteric organizations.

The astrological signs Fish, Scorpio and Virgo make up the common characteristics of the personality of those born under the figure 7, while the Sagittarius (also called the “seeker of truth”) is often mistakenly associated with the number 7.

Positive aspects of the personality of number 7

Organization is a feature that everyone who presents this figure has to develop. A person who is born under the number 7 either has strong organizational skills or will learn about them, but only on the physical level. On the spiritual plane, the figure 7 has strong connections with the magical powers and the mastery of the spiritual dimension of life.

Another important aspect to be learned is “specialization”. It doesn’t matter what area they specialize in, as long as they like what they do and are satisfied. Thus, they will feel fulfilled and will know a great inner peace.

Careers suitable for these are: business, science, religion, education and the occult fields. All of these areas involve a certain degree of research – a very pleasant activity for the typical searcher marked by the figure 7.

These individuals have a developed intellect and always seek the truth. Many of them are endowed with a natural wisdom that those around them recognize and seek. Most of them will eventually discover that they have some control over the spiritual side of life.

If you want to befriend a person who has this figure well represented in his numerological map, you should know that they need privacy and a space where they can be alone with their thoughts. When they are rested, they can be a true force of nature in everything involved, but at one point they feel the need to withdraw for a period (hours, days or even longer periods – depending on the situation). Finally, these individuals seek to know and understand the truth in any situation, especially when it comes to things that are related in one way or another to the mysteries of life.

If the truth that these seekers seek does not appear or is experienced personally, they are able to continue researching until they discover their own personal truth.

Negative aspects of the personality of number 7

The challenge of those who are marked by this figure of introspection is to make friends, get married, and generally manage to maintain relationships with other human beings … Their tendency to isolate themselves from the world can become a barrier to human relations. .

Few know that such individuals have the tendency to isolate themselves for days, weeks and even months by bringing in so many arguments for which they need something or saying that they seek to develop spiritually by working internally. In reality, few would recognize that at the same time they are avoiding the surrounding world.

If this tendency of isolation is out of control, it can lead to paranoia and an extremely critical nature. Once they reach this point, they will tend to drive away loved ones, friends, or anyone else they know, and will be tempted to fall into the trap of thinking they are destined to live a lonely life. As for the love life, this need for isolation and personal space will test the strength and patience of their partners.

Another challenge for a person under the influence of figure seven is to succeed in tempering their selfish motivations and avoiding becoming self-centered. Many of them were trying to look like they were altruistic and had no hidden interest, but most of their close friends could see beyond these appearances. However, this is only valid until they reach a certain level of spiritual elevation or enlightenment.

Until they learn to manage and maintain healthy relationships with the people around them, they will fail to realize their true potential and will never truly understand each other. This is their biggest attempt.


Number 7 is one of the most spiritual numbers in numerology. This spirituality comes from an innate ability to direct their attention to their inner dimensions. The cost of this skill is the lack and loss of friends and relationships. These truth seekers learn to develop and maintain healthy relationships and organize their lives, maintaining and nurturing their inherent wisdom and spirituality.

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