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The symbolism of the figure 3 is represented by the union of two people that widens to include a third person. This expansion brings more force and extra help. This is a number that motivates and inspires those around. However, when two members are grouped against the third, feelings of depression and uncertainty hover over the entire group.

People born under this figure are extremely energetic and have a lot to offer, but they can suffer very strong temperamental crises.

To find out if this number is among your main numbers, follow the instructions on the Introduction to Numerology page!

Positive aspects of the personality of number 3

Of all the numbers this tends to be the most expressive. Those born below this figure will bring joy and creativity into the lives of others. In numerology, the number 3 is the most creative of all the numbers. With a strong active imagination, these people give life to the imagination by all possible means.

In addition, these individuals are endowed with that childish enthusiasm for the surrounding world, which makes learning and exploration very important to them.

Number 3 is known as a person capable of inspiring friends, colleagues, employees and just about anyone else.

They use the extraordinary gift of the word to motivate others. As the astrological sign Leo, the number 3 seeks to make everyone happy and does not understand why some might not be excited about the extraordinary things to come!

Numerologically speaking, number 3 learns not to spread its energy in too many directions simultaneously. They learn to live in the present and to enjoy every moment that comes.

Regardless of how difficult the beginning would be, each new thing brings new joys and experiences that lead to the individual’s personal development.

When courting someone born under number 3 it is important to keep a playful and open attitude.

These people really value comedy and a good dose of humor, and they tend to light up the room when they are well-disposed.

It should be remembered that some of those born with this figure tend to mask pain through laughter.

In the tarot, the third figure is represented by the “Empress”. This book symbolizes abundance and is an indication of the riches that await them for the inspiration they bring to the world.

Negative aspects of the personality of number 3

Like all numbers, the number 3 also has its weaknesses. Their most vulnerable aspect is by far the tendency to exaggerate.

For figure 3, exaggeration is nothing more than a tactic to “widen” the story. Those born under this figure usually seek to make their most interesting and engaging stories possible, being convinced that small exaggerations can give their audience what they need.

What they do not realize is that many people are disturbed by those “small” exaggerations, and would prefer that inspiration not seem more than what it is.

Other negative aspects can be: laziness, impracticality, criticism, infantilism.

Outside of them, people with a type 3 personality often go through intense periods of fall. In a moment they may seem happy, and a second later you can see them crumbling under the weight of sadness.

Learning to stop using their natural empathy to attract the emotions of others is an important lesson for them. With the help of psychic defense mechanisms and strategies for managing their own energy, their oscillating temperament can be brought within acceptable limits.

This makes the life of these inspiring pride more balanced and less stressful, while allowing their friends to relax knowing that they will not always face their strong temperamental crises.

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