Love horoscope 2021 for Singles

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Whether you are single or in a relationship, find out what 2021 has in store for you. Our astrologer has studied the sky to decipher your year, on the love side, according to your sign.


By playing overtime in Gemini, Venus-Harmony brings you a real breath of fresh air. You have full freedom to love abundantly, without restriction. In a Relationship, if the start of the year promises to be tumultuous, as of April, you are on a cloud. You mix romance and versatility, while doing more activities with your other half. For singles, a meeting is to be scheduled this summer. This romance may well come to fruition at the end of the year.


This year, the future is being built together! You strengthen your union with concrete, solid and lasting projects. Be careful, when Saturn enters Aquarius, on March 23, which may make communication difficult. Once the situation is stable and comfortable, sensuality regains its rights. Enough to end the year in style.


The strength of your union is based on your willingness to share in all circumstances, to pierce the abscess as well as to indulge in confidence. As a couple, you carry out your responsibilities with only one desire in mind: to give meaning to your emotional life. Single, the desire to have fun dissipates to give way to the desire to build … Love at first sight could well happen!


Spring revives your romantic nature. As a couple, you coo, single, you flirt. Your feelings have never been stronger. This is undeniable proof of attachment, but which presents the risk of excessive fusion. Too much passion kills passion.


By extending her stay in Gemini, Venus brings color to your love life. Warm, lively and intense, they match your feelings. As a couple, you live on love and getaways. You are ready to give up everything to follow your soul mate to the other side of the world. Single, love at first sight awaits you.


Your way of loving surprises. Your vision of the couple is changing. Those around you haven’t gotten used to it yet. Singles give in to passion. It’s more exciting than confusing. But you don’t have to be ashamed of these new urges.


Your haven of peace is sacred. We live there in harmony, with confidence in a warm atmosphere. Passionate singles are very likely to meet a soul mate and might end up finding THE perfect person. In a Relationship, love gives you wings and the guts to stand up to inconvenience. No way to let in stress, worries and intruders.


In Capricorn, a reasonable sign, Jupiter tames your passionate nature. In a Relationship, your benevolence is reassuring. This year, you prefer moments of complicity to extreme situations. The opportunity for singles to get closer to someone and why not, to transform friendship into romance.


No recklessness in romance, unless you can prove that you are fully assuming your responsibilities. As a couple, you are embarking on an ambitious project, there is strength in unity. Your mission is to reassure, before cooing. Single, time is your ally. If you are passionate about a story at the start of the year, it may end quickly.


Your emotional journey is intended to be more constructive than festive. In a Relationship, your relationships are based more on the desire to do something together than on sensuality. Single, no question of flitting. You’re okay with pushing romance if the back is secure.


“To love each other while having fun, to have fun while loving each other”: this is the formula to adopt to preserve your union. Without forgetting to honor your commitments, of course. Finances, stormy situations … As a couple, you take the initiative to manage problems. Single, 2021 makes dating easier.


Venus values your loves less than Jupiter does your business. His extended stay in Gemini confuses your relationships and complicates the situation. As a couple, a brand new project welds ties. Single, fall is the time for a serious meeting.

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