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ASTROLOGY – Predicting the future based on the study of the position and movement of the stars, constellations or celestial phenomena.

In order to understand something in this field, we must know the significance of the planets in astrology.
Before I present to you each planet, there would be two aspects I would like to explain, namely some ideas about the zodiacs that dominate the planets and their symbols.

As for the sign dominated by a certain planet, you will notice that, in some cases, they appear in parentheses and other signs. Before the discovery of the planets Uranus (1781), Neptune (1846) and Pluto (1930), there was another system of dominant planets than the one we know now. Each planet had a female and a male “domicile”, as follows:

  • Mercury: Gemini and Virgo
  • Venus: Taurus and Libra
  • Mars: Aries and Scorpio
  • Jupiter: Sagittarius and Fish
  • Saturn: Capricorn and Aquarius

Only the Sun and the Moon dominated each one sign: The Sun dominated the Lion, while the Moon was the dominant planet of Cancer.
In some cases, the dominated signs remained the same, but there were changes. The signs I will pass below in parentheses are those dominated by the planet before the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

We come to the second aspect I wanted to present to you: the significance of the symbols of the planets. These are composed of one or more elements:

The circle: the symbol of perfection, represents the spirit
The semicircle: symbolizes the soul
The vertical line: the reason
Horizontal line: body
The cross: the reunited reason and body = matter


Dominant planet of the sign: Leo
Symbol: The circle (the spirit and what surrounds us), with a point in the middle: the individual and his consciousness.
In astrology, the Sun represents the personality. The sign that the Sun is at birth is our sign. Depending on the sign in which the Sun is, we will have certain characteristics (in addition to those of the ascendant). The astrological house in which the Sun is located (in the natal astrogram) shows the area in which we will excel or that we are very interested in (the living goals), the field in which we will give the best of us.


Dominant planet of the sign: Cancer
Symbol: Two semicircles (the soul) turned to one side, towards the past. Hence the tendency of Cancer to cling to memories, the past.
The moon represents feelings, affective reactions, instinct. The sign of the Moon shows how we react to what is around us. It can also give information about the relationship we had with our mother or our children (I will publish a separate article on this topic). The house where the Moon is in the natal chart indicates the area that is most important for us to feel good on the emotional side, but also the area in which we can rely on our instinct, without fail.


Dominant planet of the signs: Gemini and Virgo
Symbol: The symbol of Mercury is a combination of all the elements presented above: the soul, which is above spirit and matter.
Mercury symbolizes communication and reason. By extension, Mercury is also another means of establishing links: transport, commerce, mail, internet. The zodiac sign of Mercury indicates how we communicate and process information, how we think. The house in which it is positioned shows us the areas that concern us, those that make us think a lot about them.


Dominant planet of the signs: Taurus and Libra
Symbol: The cross of matter, under the spirit represented by the circle. The symbol of the feminine.
Venus is all about love, beauty and art, but money. Depending on the zodiac sign, it indicates the way we react in relationships, but also our connection with art and aesthetics. Positioning in a certain sign can also give clues about marriage (and on this topic I will publish a separate article). Venus’s position in the houses of the natal astrogram indicates the areas that will bring happiness to that person.


Dominant planet of the sign: Aries (Scorpio)
Symbol: Initially, the symbol of Mars was similar to that of the planet Venus, but placed in reverse, the cross of matter being above the circle representing the spirit. Meanwhile, the arrow representing the war god in Roman mythology was taken over. The symbol of the masculine.
Mars signifies action, dynamism, ambition, desire, but also aggression. Mars’ position in the natal chart shows us how we act, in which we take the initiative, the areas in which we have the courage to try something new. The place he occupies in his native houses is the area where we act impulsively and listen to our instinct, sometimes without thinking about risks.


Dominant planet of the sign: Sagittarius (Pisces)
Symbol: The soul (semicircle), seated above the cross of matter – sign that the soul is not dominated by matter, that there are no constraints.
Just as his symbol also shows, Jupiter indicates the overcoming of constraints, limits. Jupiter means expansion, optimism, development, abundance. The sign in the natal chart shows us how we will try to overcome our condition, how we try to develop. The positioning in astrological houses indicates the area in which we can benefit most easily in life, the field in which we will obtain the best results easily.


Dominant planet of the sign: Capricorn (Aquarius)
Symbol: As in the case of Jupiter’s symbol, the relation between soul and matter appears, but inverted: matter is the one that dominates (the cross is above).
Saturn is the limitation, the constraints, the rigid structures, the pessimism. But it is also the planet that, from time to time, reminds us of certain opportunities that we have missed in life and forces us to return to them. The sign in the natal chart shows us on which planes there are certain fears and restraints, but also how we try to overcome our weaknesses. The house occupied by Saturn indicates in which areas of life we ​​have to do a little order, in which areas problems or obstacles may appear.


Dominant planet of the sign: Aquarius
Symbol: An older symbol of Uranus (but still used by some astrologers) consists of the symbol of the Sun, above which stands an arrow – the power of the Sun and that of Mars, united. Later, the symbol was changed, with the letter H in the center, reminiscent of William Herschel, the one who discovered Uranus. The current meaning: two semicircles or vertical lines, joined by the cross of matter, all above the spirit (circle). It shows the opening to the new.
Uranus represents change, revolution, rebellion. The sign in the natal chart indicates how we will try to impose ourselves as individuals, how we will rebel against a certain rigid structure. The house where Uranus is located shows us in what area we can expect surprises and unforeseen events.


Dominant planet of the sign: Fish
Symbol: The symbol of the planet looks like the trident of the god Neptune. As an interpretation given by astrologers, it would be the soul (semicircle), trapped in matter (the cross of matter pierces the soul).
Neptune represents fantasy and dreaming, intuition, but also illusions, disappointments. Depending on the sign in the natal astrogram, Neptune shows us how our generation (because Neptune moves hard and represents an entire generation) perceives reality, shows the connection between society and the real / unreal. The house where it is placed in the natal chart gives indications about the areas in which we can rely on our intuition, but also on those where disappointments can occur.


Dominant planet of the sign: Scorpio
Symbol: Pluto’s symbol also brings together all three elements: the spirit (the circle), contained in the soul (semicircle), below is the matter. Spirit and soul dominate matter, pass beyond it, Pluto representing rebirth. Another, simpler, symbol of Pluto consists of the letters P and L, the first two of the planet’s name and the initials of the one who discovered it: Percival Lowell.

As I wrote a little above, Pluto signifies rebirth, regeneration, transformation. At the same time, it may indicate certain obsessions and power / power struggles. The sign in the natal astrogram indicates how we approach the transformations that take place in us and in our lives. It also gives us information about our generation’s obsessions: like Neptune, Pluto is a heavy planet.

There may be intervals of several years (not all as long) in which Pluto has been in the same zodiac and therefore the entire generation is affected. It differs, however, from the positioning in the native houses, which shows the areas of life where transformations are most likely to occur, the things that will make us transform, to be reborn.

Starting from the basic significance of each planet, it must be interpreted according to the astrological sign and house where they are, but the aspects that they form with the other planets will be taken into account. You can see, therefore, that the interpretation of an astrogram cannot be done “in two steps and three movements”, but that a time-consuming analysis is required. I recommend that you retrieve the information you already find or that I will post on this blog (meaning of planets in signs and houses, interpretation of aspects), but always make connections. Only then will you gain a complex and complete image of one’s personality.

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