2020 Horoscope for women

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The stars tell their 2020 predictions for the 12 horoscope signs, but only for women. Find out which is the strongest sign of the coming year! Natives are influenced by the passage of years. They appear to be very sensitive and vulnerable. They all go from one extreme to the other and are amazed at how much things can change now. Patience must endure over their soul, because only with patience can things arise for others.

The woman in the couple brings good mood and well-being over life, for all plans. “Patience and time bring you more than power and passion. Who can endure going forward.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. If you have enough patience, you can move the mountains out of place, but if you have enough intelligence you fly over them. There is a limit beyond which patience ceases to be a virtue. ”


You need guarantee and safety on all levels. You also have a talent that you have for many years set aside, and now you feel it is time to cultivate it. You will start a few courses that will help you evolve in this plan and grow beautifully on the artistic level. Finally, you have realized what the true purpose of your life is. Gone are the thoughts about family and marriage.


You will have some fears from the beginning of the year. This will give you a lot to think about. On a professional level, there are several projects and some more top collaborations. Maybe you feel insecure precisely because you have worked so hard and dreamed long ago about what you have now and you would not have thought of doing it now. You will find a way to enjoy everything that happens to you.


For women born under the sign of twins stars show only evolution. You will begin to reap the fruits of your work on the professional, emotional and especially in the close relationship with you. You will have some signs that something bad is going to happen, and you will ignore this, which will bring you a time when you will be decaying a lot, but you will come back.


The stars see that you will be the star of the year. You will be lucky to meet some people who are very influential and who will become your friends. They will help you unconditionally. Also, it shows a business of yours that will expand. For the professional plan you will have a lot to solve, it is a full period from this point of view.

From the end of 2019, you will take into account the things that pull you down, the vices you may be too attached to, the people who are not with you and do not love you as you seem or like to believe in yourself. The year 2020 is strictly about vision, clarity and reality. Be happy that the truths are showing now, at the beginning of the year.


Those who are close to you and those who love you wholeheartedly suffer from suffering and pain. It is advisable to have them almost whatever they are, it is time to set them aside and make them available. This year you want to materialize whatever you have. Also, there are some exams and competitions you will participate in.


You have plans to fulfill. You will find new ways of exposing your feelings and showing yourself exactly how you are, because you are finally satisfied with what you have and how you have changed. The stars say that you will choose to be alone again, after a time when you have had a pretty unhappy relationship. Finally, you will take the big step to say goodbye.


This year for the Scorpio woman is an extremely good one, beyond what you would have ever thought of. Also, the stars predict that you will finally conclude a closer relationship with someone, and this will turn into a beautiful relationship. Long-awaited for this, this year is the best time.


The stars say for the women of the native arrow that they must be reborn. You have to give up things that you have been pursuing for more than 12 years, now is the time to make major changes and be brave in the freedom you have had all along, but you did not know how to say. Ideally you should have no collaborations.


This year the stars show that you have to pay attention to your instinct and start listening to them finally, because it does not deceive you. You have the chance this year to capitalize on a forgotten talent. Someone will make sure that you are right and that if you work hard you will be able to get to where you wanted to be a long time ago. This year is about you!


This year is about a better visualization and a more real projection of what you will have. You will feel blessed, the universe is with you! All luck is on your side. It’s the right time to take action!


You are more optimistic than ever, stronger and more confident in your own strengths. This must have been a long time coming. If you are not the ones who believe in your own desires and powers, who can do it? You must learn to know yourself and you must learn to enjoy yourself, as you have.

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