Thank you so much, Pam.  You are a good person and have been very kind to me.  You are blessed with your insight and talent.  Louise, San Diego

It was lovely to speak with you the other day.  It was really helpful and interesting. The astrological "forecast" was a great experience and you are clearly very talented. Your manner and explanations made it all very easy to comprehend.  JB  Manhattan

Thank you Pam, you are gifted--I feel like you listened so well and helped me link the reading to something really key right now. I appreciate it and your knowledge and insights very much. -
 JW Del Mar, CA

Thank you so much for my reading and for sending the file.  I love technology sometimes!  This is one of those times :)  You gave me good food for thought.  I feel a sense of relief and new strength. BB Fallbrook, CA

Pam - You're like Zorro, you take this sword and cut to the heart of the matter leaving us richer than before. Thanks again for your insight and wisdom: for me its been the best. -KK Oceanside, CA

Thank you for being exactly who I need  exactly when I need you. -J San Diego

I had a terrific trip to India. Thank you for my "emergency" reading. It made all the difference. I managed to stay centered thru lost luggage, car break downs etc etc. -SW Grafton, VT

What a great experience- I can't stop thinking about it. Insightful, soul-searching, etc, etc! You're amazing!- Linda, VT

I'm so tired of all these pages of computer print-outs that give you a lot of information that doesn't make sense. I've been looking for a person who will put it all together.- Eloise, Wyoming

I just wanted to say that I think you do an exceptional job of doing your work. I was relieved and excited to feel you came from not just an astrologer but a very simple yet true esoteric-spiritual counselor using talking astrology to its finest degree of understanding while giving readings. 
Rick, VT

Thank you so much for my chart. You were very much on target and quite precise. I want to acknowledge your fine job and effort on my behalf. Sharalynn, Virgin Islands

Thank you very much for my reading-it was enlightening as well as interesting and I really enjoyed it. Initially I wasn't sure whether it was a silly thing to do-you very professionally eased all my doubts.-Karen, VA

I am writing you to thank you for the lovely reading you gave my friends, you were so right about their new baby but also so sensitive. That was a beautiful prayer you composed and they loved it.- Pat, NY

My friend in Japan told me about your gift with astrological charts and shared some of the information she received from you and we were both amazed at how accurate so many things you mentioned were!- Chrys, Japan

I just had to write you to thank you for my reading yesterday. I'm feeling very content and very happy. I really feel good and again thank you for your wonderful talents, insights and loving presentation.- Jaquelyn, CA

I cannot thank you enough for the reading you did for me. It affected me so profoundly because I was already on the path but it reinforced my determination more than you can imagine. Talking to you was like being a child rocked in her mother's arms - I felt infinitely safe.- Karin, VT

You have no idea how your advice rings true through all these ebbs and flows- Diana, PA