A serious health crisis has  lead me to the reality that after 45 fabulous years of doing readings that it's time for me to retire from my practice. 

It’s been a great ride and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and am expecting to enjoy this new chapter of my life just as much.  

with love, thanks and gratitude always to all my friends and clients over the years, 

One hour mp3 recording included   

NATAL CHARTS     $155    
The ancient art and science of astrology analyzes the map of the star patterns at your birth in the light of your character and gifts. A natal horoscope can reveal your past, present and future destiny. 

An annual astrological check-in. You've already had your natal chart read and are interested in finding out about the next twelve months.  

A relationship reading will give you the bigger perspective on the true meaning on any relationship. Love, family dynamics and business relationships are some of the different types of relationships this reading can address.   

RELOCATIONS    $155                                                                 
Your natal chart is the template for your life but a Relocation reading can help you to find where in the world you belong.            

This option is ONLY available for established clients that have a quick question. Please email Pam for more information BEFORE making a payment



All payments for a Phone/Skype Reading MUST be received 24 hours BEFORE the appointment

To send a check by mail contact Pam for mailing address 

  R E P O R T S   $20

Solar Return Report on Pam Ciampi website

Best birthday Gift ever! Your birthday marks the beginning of a new cycle and a SOLAR RETURN INTERPRETER can tell you the tone, tenor and potential of the upcoming year. By understanding these influences you can choose from the options and opportunities available  to make the new year a positive step forward in your life. This 30 page report also includes a SOLAR RETURN CHART. 

Lunar Return Report on Pam Ciampi website

'The Sun is the giver of life, but the Moon makes it interesting'. The LUNAR RETURN INTERPRETER is a personal view of how your natal moon cycles will affect your life during each month. This is a VALUABLE tool to help you to tune into your monthly rhythms.  

Starbaby Child Report on Pam Ciampi websiteIO CHILD REPORT     $20                                                                                              STARBABY is a personalized instruction manual to help parents or caregivers to guide that child towards a happy and productive life. Includes a natal chart.    Illustration by Frank Asch