Pam Ciampi in canoe Boston 2011
The Charles River - Boston 2011  
ASTROLOGY is the love of my life. I have studied it since I was 12 and it continues to fascinate me daily. I love reading for people by mapping out their lives through the patterns of the stars, and helping them remember their life purpose, accept their challenges and acknowledge their gifts. Most of all I find that astrology is accurate. When I talk to people from all over the country, it is both a joy and a wonder to discover that their charts are always right on the mark. As a timing device, astrology is unsurpassed. It is a unique tool whose information can help tune into the best times for beginnings, middles, as well as endings. My path to astrology came through the rituals of Catholicism and a background in art history, music and teaching. I have also been a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda ("Autobiography of a Yogi") since 1992. Having explored many paths to the One I realize that we are all journeying back to the Source in different ways that are equally valuable.
Pam Ciampi living in a tipi
A gypsy at heart, I was born in NY, grew up in Florida, attended college in Alabama, lived in a tipi in Tennessee and received a BA in Art History and Education from the University of Miami. For the next 20 years I lived in rural Vermont, studied astrology, taught school and raised my family. In 1991 I moved to southern California.  
If Astrology is my first love, Tarot is my second. The Tarot entered my life later than astrology and led me to study the Kaballah. The Tarot can be wise, funny, cautionary and loving. It shows the Higher Path to the challenges and problems of everyday life, tells where to beware of obstacles and also the probable outcome of actions, real and imagined. The Tarot reflects the present moment and is a unique tool for connecting with your deepest feelings and intuition. 
My guiltiest pleasure is reading, I have always read anything and everything to escape everyday reality- sometimes up to seven books a week! I'm a great traveler and also an enthusiastic cook, I love no-work gardening and taking walks with my dog. 
Unfortunately (and fortunately), a few years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, which in its own strange way has turned out to be a grace. Although due to the pain I have not been able to work as much as I was used to, it gave me time to work on (and through) some of my own issues. Counselor, heal thyself! 
Although I seem to have been forced to make a descent into the darkness, I am now once again able to see the light. One of the gifts I received along the way is a better knowledge of the complexities in the journey of an illness, the gifts and dangers of the medical profession and the healing power of prayer and meditation. I hope to be able to bring my experiences to my work with clients. To paraphrase Jung, there can be no physical healing without a spiritual transformation. 
The summer of 2011 was marked by a wonderful road trip back to VT where I reconnected with family and friends. That was when I knew my healing was complete. Thanks to everyone who sent prayers and healing wishes during the most difficult times. I couldn’t have done it without all of you! 
With love and blessings to all,