March 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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In the first part of the month you are meditative, withdrawn, immersed in your thoughts and it is more difficult to relate to others. These are good days to rethink your plans for the future and to take more care of your soul and body.

A stage at work ends, either by completing professional activities or by changing working conditions or colleagues. Everything related to professional collaborations can be overturned when you least expect it. Hidden conflicts are high, so be careful.

Health is vulnerable on the leg segments, but the digestive system can also cause you discomfort, especially around March 9th. Avoid, as much as possible, consultations, medical tests and surgeries between March 3-11 and March 23-25. Dose your efforts and take more care of yourself.

After the 20th of the month you will feel better, because the Sun will settle comfortably in your zodiac sign. You will benefit from energy, inspiration, but also a somewhat exaggerated desire to get involved in too many things.


In the first part of the month you are surrounded by friends, but also by benevolent people who want to support you. Your popularity is high, but be careful. The charm that surrounds you, the way you relate to others, the way you talk will leave deep imprints in the souls of those you come in contact with.

From the first day of the month, new friendships are emerging, but it would be good to have a dose of caution. Around the date of March 9, the end of a love chapter is outlined. Either a romantic relationship ends, or it is reconfigured, or you change your perception of love and its implications.

Relationships with children will also be discussed. This month, the boundary between a love affair and a friendship is uncertain, so it would be good to keep a certain distance from each other and from others.

At work, tense relationships are maintained and the possibility of resuming older activities.

Health is vulnerable on the segments of the renal system, but also on the segments of the head. At the slightest inconvenience, a specialist consultation is recommended.


The professional field and the relations with the bosses are animated and prone to all kinds of upheavals. On the one hand, things can go smoothly, but on the other hand, there is a kind of shadow that is difficult to penetrate or understand in relation to your public image, social position and the way your bosses support you. Interesting discussions are possible, with long-term effects with people with important positions or with the representatives of some official institutions.

Regarding the house, the space where you live, the relations with the family members, a final stage is outlined around March 9th. Either you finally solve repairs, decor rearrangements, or you make the final decisions regarding everything related to the domestic space and family relationships. There is also the option to temporarily move from your native places or from those where you have lived until now, due to the service.

After March 20, the daily focus will be on relationships with friends and protectors. Meetings and dialogues with them will bring you good mood, unique situations and a great openness to progress.


Cultural activities, relationships with teachers, mentors, instructors, everything related to the long-term or university education segment are beautifully planned in the first part of the month. Even trips abroad, if you care, would be successful.

Carefully and leisurely deal with the refinement of your soul, because the energy you have on these areas of life is rare and imported for your evolution from all points of view.

Around March 9, the end of an educational stage is outlined, either because you finish a course, a subject to be studied, or if you decide to participate in a certain personal or professional training program.

Relationships with those close to you will be reconfigured. It is possible to detach yourself from some and get closer to others, but it would be good to keep a healthy distance from everyone.

The socio-professional field is dynamizing, starting with the 20th of the month. Relationships with bosses will be frequent and unique. It is more difficult for you to support a boss during this period and there is a risk that it will be very easy to get into tense discussions. Keep your composure and detach yourself from the professional tumult.


Even from the first days of the month there are changes in the financial chapter, in this case it is about the money and goods that you use and manage together with others.

A new stage of gaining or using some important goods is announced, a stage that will last about a year. You can get the material support you need from those you least expect. But in front of your income from the work carried out at a service, an end of the stage is announced, either you receive the financial rights that you deserve, or you receive a material bonus.

There is also the option of changing working conditions and from here consequences will appear for pay. After March 20, you have special opportunities to travel overseas and countries, to engage in cultural activities and to get in touch with people well educated in life.

It would be good to schedule a personal or professional training course, because you would have great chances of success and, especially, you would have access to special information. Partnerships are dynamic throughout the month, so you can develop the details of a collaboration or joint activity with various partners or professional collaborators.


Partnerships are very active in the first two weeks of the month. Even from the first days of the month you could notice beneficial changes in all your collaborations, changes that will last at least a year from now.


There is a lot of hustle and bustle at work, until around March 20th. Hot discussions with colleagues and even changing working conditions are possible. Be careful and avoid carrying too many work tasks, especially if they don’t look at you. A new stage opens at work, either by approaching another professional activity, or you change your job.

Health is a common topic throughout the month. Dialogues with doctors, starting treatments or medical tests are welcome, because your body would need extra care. However, as much as possible avoid consultations, medical tests and surgeries between March 3-10.

Partnerships come to life after the 20th of the month. If you are involved in joint projects with others, in the professional field, they can be reconfigured. There are important chances to start other fruitful collaborations that will last at least a year from now.

Control your inner impulses and moods, because of your own volition you can ruin good relationships and situations.


The moon begins with news in the love chapter. Something ends, but something else begins. Hard to define what. Anyway, it’s time for adventures, fun and good cheer until around March 20th. Love and its implications will take on new meanings for you.

Your creativity is accentuated and it would be great if you would also pursue a hobby. On the other hand, organize surprise meetings for your loved ones and thus you will receive their appreciation and support.

However, if you want to fall in love or you feel like falling in love, remember that it’s just appearances. On the other person’s side can be anything but love.

Children are another important theme of the month. Some Scorpio natives may become parents, grandparents, or make plans to do so. Relationships with friends and protectors will know the end of the stage. You can get rid of some for good and it would be good to do it. But others will hold on to you, even if you turn your attention and efforts to other horizons. Be more selective about your entourage and avoid divulging your future plans.

The second part of the month brings you a lot of work to work. Caution is recommended especially for hidden conflicts in the professional sphere, which will be at high levels.


The first part of the month is favorable for household activities and relationships with family members. It would be good to take care of general cleaning, current repairs, but also heritage objects. The purchase and sale of goods are favored, but discern carefully. There is a risk of not getting the expected result. Therefore, sell or buy only after consulting with family members, but also with specialists in that field. In the space where you live, constantly check the water installations, because damage can occur.

Around the date of March 9, a final stage in the professional sphere is outlined. Either an activity, a project ends, or relations with bosses will take an unexpected turn. There is also the option to change your job or start steps in this regard.

After March 20, activities are outlined with children or loved ones. The fun of adventures and fun will be high and you will even manage to infect others with your joy. Clouds can appear in the relationship with your loved ones, but with a little effort and goodwill you will overcome everything well.

Relationships with friends and protectors become conflictive, so put an imaginary barrier between you and these people.


The main concerns of the month will be the relationships with those close to you, but also the short distance trips to solve your personal or professional issues.

On the other hand, your learning processes are supported, but also the evaluation ones, for example, if you go through a training program and you have to be evaluated by teachers or instructors.

Thinking and communication are sometimes deficient, so choose your words carefully throughout the month. Speak directly and to the point, and if you have to work on documents or send information in various ways, check them carefully and possibly ask for the support of a colleague.

Around March 9, news from and about abroad can be seen. It can also be about the actual realization of a trip planned more or you can now start to travel abroad.

At work, collegial relations are strained, there is a risk of long-term conflicts. Avoid the tendency to retaliate against everything that comes from the authorities, even if you are apparently right. Be patient and you will see that everything is solved in time.


In the first part of the month, your attention and efforts will be directed to the financial chapter. It is possible to increase your income from work performed at an official service, to p

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